Our History

The company was originally co-founded by Ben Sheppard in February 2014, as part of the Frontier Law and Advisory Ltd group of companies. In July 2015, the advisory arm of Frontier Law and Advisory, led by Ben Sheppard then Chief Financial and Operations Officer (CFOO), separated from Frontier Law and Advisory and was rebranded into Bold Native Advisors (Native). Offices were subsequently opened in the United Kingdom (UK) and the Philippines (PH), which are led by the two business partners Ben Sheppard Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and Richard Frost Chief Operations Officer (COO).

Ben Sheppard is a U.K national and a permanent resident of the Philippines. He is supported by a team of 9 resources locally. Richard Frost leads the U.K operation and is supported by a team of 4 staff. The Philippines was selected as the company headquarters (HQ) because of the extensive experience the staff have in the Philippines and wider South East Asia. Richard Frost first started working on projects in the Philippines over 15 years ago, and Ben Sheppard has been working in the Philippines for almost 7 years.

The majority of staff that work for Bold Native were all previously employed by the same top 5 global engineering firm. These staff had been working together for many years prior to the launch of Bold Native Advisors. The experience, skills and knowledge they gleamed from working together in that major engineering firm are adopted today in Bold Native Advisors. Where Bold Native has improved upon this core basis of expertise is through our commitment and our flexibility to work on projects. With a select number of specialist services, we are able to quickly mobilise a team that works together regularly in jurisdictions where we have extensive experience.