Rapid Value Chain Assessment of the Tuna Fisheries Sector in the Philippines

Bold Native Advisors, in joint venture with Poseidon Aquatics Resource Management, and on behalf of USAID Oceans and Fisheries Partnership, are developing a value chain analysis (VCA) of the tuna fisheries unloaded at General Santos Fishing Port in Mindanao, the Philippines. The project will investigate the full chain of custody from ocean to final sale of the catch in domestic and export markets.

This work will lead onto the development of a financially sustainable catch documentation and traceability (CDT) system to combat IUU Fishing.

Key activities of the VCA study include:

  • Identification of the main export markets and their import and traceability requirements for Philippines tuna, focusing on the tuna species caught / processed at GSFPC, and Philippines’ performance in meeting these requirements.


  • Identification of the current and emerging buyer/customer preferences and trends, voluntary industry platforms/alliances and third party certifications that could drive demand for traceability for Philippines tuna products in key export markets.