East West Highway Corridor Development Project – Private Sector Participation and Long Term Financial Sustainability Options


Bold Native are part of a Rebel Group International led team who are reviewing the East West Highway (EWH corridor in Georgia).

This route is the backbone of the nation’s road network and is currently being improved along its whole length. The ultimate aim of the project is to analyse potential methods of raising revenue in order to pay for future O&M costs, and Native are building a traffic model of the whole country which will provide forecasts of demand and revenue for EWH corridor for input into a financial model.

On this project Bold Native provided the following services:

  • Review of previous feasibility studies and existing traffic survey and other transport-related data.
  • Design and supervision of an extensive traffic survey programme.
  • Construction of a nation-wide traffic model.
  • Forecasting for a number of horizon years.
  • Assessment of a number of different user charging methods and production of a stream of demand and revenue forecasts for the highway.