NLEX Phase 3 Investment Recovery Study

The North Luzon Expressway (NLEX) Phase 3 Investment Recovery study involved producing a feasibility study for approximately 45 KM extension to the NLEx network, starting at the Pulilan junction of NLEX in the east and connecting to the Dinalupihan junction of SCTEX in the west. During the study, extensive route identification, optimisation and segmentation work took place to identify the optimal route from both an engineering and revenue perspective. Seven different alignment options were assessed, which meant several iterations of analysis had to be performed for 11 different toll tariffs and 2 cost options to be tested on the preferred alignment.

On this project Bold Native provided the following services:

  • Project management of the full feasibility study.
  • Traffic and revenue forecasting for the complete NLEX toll road network.
  • Scenario testing and toll optimisation for the complete NLEX network.
  • Social cost-benefit analysis.
  • Financial modelling.