Technical Advice to Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund

The Government of Indonesia is seeking to attract increased foreign investment in infrastructure projects in the country, and to facilitate this, the Indonesia Infrastructure Guarantee Fund IIGF) has been set up. IIGF have a remit to offer guarantees to potential bidders on PPP projects in the country. Bold Native form part of a team who have a call off contract with IIGF to review the Government’s technical studies, and to advise on what aspects of the project guarantees should be offered. Specifically, our staff will review third-party traffic and revenue forecasts and economic appraisals and opine on the robustness of the methodology used. As part of this ongoing commission, Bold Native have produced a guidance document giving advice on how traffic and revenue forecasting should be carried out to ‘investment grade’ standard. Bold Native have also produced independent demand forecasts for the Malang to Pandaan Toll Road and the Manado Bitung Toll Road.

On this project Bold Native provided the following services:

  • Review of traffic and revenue forecasts for transport improvements carried out for the Government of Indonesia.
  • Review of economic assessments of transport improvements carried out for the Government of Indonesia.
  • PPP related advice.
  • Production of a traffic and revenue forecasting guidance document for IIGF.
  • Independent traffic and revenue forecasts produced for Manado Bitung Toll Road and Malang Pandaan Toll Road.