Suguicay Island Development Study

We advised a small to medium enterprise on a portfolio of assets they had acquired over the last 30 years. The assets include: a hotel, two freshwater springs, a 50 h.a island, a cattle farm, a rice farm, a cable television company, a residential subdivision and various other holdings. Many of these assets have been either dormant or delivering limited value in recent years. Our objective was to review each individual asset to ascertain the business viability. Where businesses with a reasonable level of investment, which give an acceptable rate of return, are identified we will produce business plans and technical studies for them.  

Our main focus of the project was on Suguicay Island, Mindoro. The client requested we produce a concept development plan covering a five year period that would introduce tourist facilities such as nippa huts, barbecues, wash facilities in the first year, before progressing into a full island resort by year five. Part of our study also considered how to increase tourist visits to the island over the period.