Business Consulting

Strategy & business planning

As a relatively new company ourselves we are very aware of the importance of a well thought out business plan and strategy. Using workshops our advisors will guide you through each key component of a business plan, thereby helping you to devise a suitable strategy with realistic targets. We will then capture this in an easy to use business plan that can act your reference point for the period it was designed for.

Finance and pricing

Our financial advisory team has built financial models for startups and Small to Medium Enterprises operating in the agricultural, hospitality, music and entertainment, consultancy and tourism sectors. They have also built basic financial models for major infrastructure investments valued from $50m to $500m. Our fully qualified accountants and auditors specialise in financial advisory services to Philippine-based companies and investments.

Marketing & sales

We have a team of experienced marketing and sales experts that have worked all over the world across a range of industries. We can provide market analysis, marketing planning, bidding strategies, bid management, client management, leads generation, prospect analysis, pricing analysis, training and development.

Company operations

We recognise the importance of having robust governance, process and structure. The experience our team gleaned from working together in a major global engineering firm with more than 30,000 staff gave us hands on best practice which we have subsequently put into practice with a selection of SME’s located in the Philippine market.