Transport Modelling

Our staff have worked on almost every type of transport model possible.

Most of our experience has been gained in the UK working on WebTAG compliant models and working on projects overseas using international best practice. We have been involved at every stage of projects from proposal to project planning, survey design, model building, model validation, and forecasting. We have also worked on a whole range of different studies from strategic multi­model models to extremely detailed urban highway models. We are expert users of the SATURN and Emme suite of programs and are also very familiar with other industry standard packages such as CUBE, VISUM and TransCAD. We are however not wedded to any particular software, preferring to select the appropriate package for each study based on the needs of our client and the specifics of the project.

In terms of projects in the UK, our staff have built highway models for Leicester and Sheffield, and have updated the City of York SATURN model.

Our staff have also worked on several projects which have used the strategic London Assignment Models, namely: CLoHAM, LoRDM, NoLHAM, and worked on several 4/5­stage modelling exercises, most notably for North Hampshire and the Greater Bristol Area Transport Study.

Outside of the UK our staff have worked on:

  • Rio de Janeiro Transport Masterplanning Study, (World Bank) a 4 stage model of the Greater Rio de Janeiro area.
  • An assessment of a replacement for the Macal River Crossing in Belize (Caribbean Development Bank), which saw a full survey programme completed and highway model built in SATURN.
  • An Emme model built to examine public transport improvements in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia.
  • Al Reem Island Transportation Master Plan, Abu Dhabi, which saw a sustainable transport plan for the development produced using an Emme model.