Unsolicited PPP

Our team of specialists have the capability and experience to guide you through the Philippines unsolicited PPP procurement route.

With two former PPP centre staff in our ranks, we have the relationships and extensive knowledge on how the process works. To date, the Bold Native team has prepared unsolicited proposals within the toll road and port sectors for major Philippines and US based corporations wishing to pursue opportunities in the Philippines.

As your project preparation specialists, we provide the following:

  • Leadership throughout the unsolicited PPP proposal process from project concept up until project award.
  • We would begin by providing a roadmap and anticipated timeline for preparation and approval of the unsolicited PPP. This would be based on our experience and knowledge of the  time it typically  takes to prepare  projects,  the government requirements and approval stage gates.
  • As the proposal development progresses, we would keep you regularly updated on progress and expected next steps as we transition between key activities.
  • We would lead the preparation of the feasibility study and in doing so, ensure full compliance with the government and your own requirements.
  • We would also undertake regular and productive liaison with the key stakeholders within the government, such as the Implementing Agencies, PPP centre and NEDA, as this will help ensure a smoother submission.
    • Robust demand and revenue forecasts.
    • A financial model and value for money analysis.
    • Social cost-benefit analysis.
    • We would also manage and review the engineering and legal consultants’ inputs required for the unsolicited proposal.
    • Lastly, we would compile the final unsolicited proposal and presentation.

Relevant experience:

  • Led an unsolicited proposal to upgrade and develop Plaridel bypass into a tolled expressway. Investment value: $350 Million.
  • Led an unsolicited proposal to upgrade General Santos Fishing port and introduce a fisheries information management system. Investment value: $100 Million.

For both projects above, we oversaw and managed the legal, financial and engineering consultants that contributed to the respective feasibility studies. Bold Native staff also led liaison and positioning activities with the government,  provided roadmaps on the unsolicited proposal process and approvals, produced demand and revenue forecasts and conducted the economic appraisal. In the case of the fisheries project we also provided training on the unsolicited proposal process to the client.